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Just what are the benefits of subscribing to The ease of signing up is described below, along with the unique features and benefits that pertain to you.

How can I enroll as a member?

Register beforehand
Utilize the upper right corner of every page to register or log in.

  1. Consent to receive personalized commercial communications
    These are newsletters from containing member-exclusive updates and prize giveaways, as well as news on topics of interest to you.

Complete the form.
After completing the four mandatory fields, an email containing an activation link will be sent to you.

  1. Confirm the account
    Proceed when you have verified your account via the link in your email.

Who may enroll as a member?
Registration as a member at is open to all individuals who meet the legal wagering age in their respective regions. Please verify local regulations prior to registering.

Membership and its associated features are presently accessible solely in the English language. The number of available languages will be increased in the near future.

Account creation has occurred. What lies ahead?
The link for verification should lead you directly to the login page. To access your account, please enter your username or email address in addition to your password.

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the members-only area. There are numerous intriguing features that warrant your attention; a summary of each is provided below.

What membership features are forthcoming?
We are consistently engaged in efforts to enhance and refine our members’ zone. In an effort to provide you with up-to-date information, the sidebar lists forthcoming features, some of which are not yet operational.

Be on the lookout for updates via email or on the website; we consistently provide members with early access to information.

  • A complaint service for casinos in which functions as an intermediary
  • A tool for preserving your preferred free games for convenient access
  • Public forum where your own online casino evaluations can be published
  • Exclusive online casino incentives available only to members of

FAQ for existing members
Your subscription has been received. For any inquiries regarding membership that remain unanswered on this page, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Why am I receiving marketing communications from
Upon registering, you will be required to consent in for Commercial Communications before we may send you communications. To unsubscribe, please utilize the link provided in the email. You can also deactivate email notifications at any time by accessing ‘My Profile’ after authenticating into your account. You may also modify your preferences to ensure that you continue to receive only a specific category of emails from us.

Regarding my inability to access my account, whom should I contact?
Before proceeding if you are experiencing logon issues, ensure that you are entering your password accurately. Additionally, your username is case-sensitive; therefore, it must be entered properly. If you continue to face difficulties, kindly reach out to us at

What should I do if I forget my username and/or password?

Tap or select the ‘Forgot Password?’ text icon on the login interface. We shall dispatch a link to you via email to assist you in resetting your password. In order to log in, an email address is sufficient in lieu of a username. After logging in, the ‘My Profile’ section will contain your username.

How do I modify my personal information?
Access ‘My Profile’ after logging into your account. Select the button that reads “Edit.” You can modify your username, email address, and password from this page. Remember to click the “Save” icon when you have completed your work.

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